4 Reasons To Get A US Golden Visa

4 Reasons To Get A US Golden Visa

There are many reasons to get a US golden visa. Among these reasons are political unrest, the streamlined application process, tax implications, residency abroad, and streamlined immigration laws. The article below provides some additional information to consider when applying for a US Golden Visa. It will also provide a clearer picture of the process and answer many of your questions. Read on to discover more!

Tax consequences:

If you’ve ever wondered about the tax consequences of a US golden visa, you’re not alone. Most people don’t consider this aspect when evaluating their business immigration options. Tax consequences can be as surprising as the penalties associated with non-disclosure of foreign bank accounts. While you might only need to be in the U.S. temporarily to start your business, you’ll likely be surprised to discover that you’ll soon be liable for tax penalties if you fail to disclose foreign bank accounts.

Streamlined application process:

The U.S. Consulate has implemented a new streamlined E-2 visa application process. This should streamline the process for people who are renewing their current E-2 visas, making the process easier for them. The application will now be received by the Consulate in advance of the applicant scheduling an interview. The Consulate expects this new process to increase customer service and speed processing times. The new application process will be effective beginning on May 31.

Residency abroad:

There are many reasons to obtain a residency abroad, but the Golden Visa is the easiest. First, it allows you to invest in a foreign country while living in a different country. Second, it lets you live and work in another country for a limited time. Third, a Golden Visa allows you to bring your family with you. Children will benefit from the opportunity to get an education and eventually a job in another country. Last, but not least, this allows you to establish a firm base with your family and friends.

Investment options:

Besides EB-5 investment, there are other investment options to get US golden visa. These options require you to invest $900,000 in a U.S. business or create at least 10 new American jobs. You will be granted a US green card and the right to bring your spouse, children, and other dependents along with you. Although the US only issues a limited number of EB-5 investment visas each year, it is still recommended that you seek the advice of a legal representative for EB-5 immigration.

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