The increasing importance of marine lubricants

The increasing importance of marine lubricants

Marine owners today must make the most of every possible advantage in an increasingly difficult economy and environment. By switching to a better lubricant, they can reduce their energy consumption by one to two percent, which can form a key part of their energy efficiency management strategy. Changing lubricant can also help to prevent costly maintenance and unexpected breakdowns. If you’re thinking about switching to a better marine lubricant, consider these benefits of marine lubricants:

One: Synthetic lubricants have significant advantages over mineral oils. Their high level of synthetic polymers allows them to be better optimized for different conditions. They can reduce the risk of corrosion and wear of mechanical parts. This means greater productivity and lower maintenance costs. This is particularly important for small operators. However, even these small operators may not know what lubricant is appropriate for their specific needs. Using synthetic oil will ensure that mechanical parts will last longer and less damage.

Two: The use of low sulfur fuels requires more complex lubricants than ever. New fuels and efficient engines need to use a more sophisticated lubricant. A recent survey found that 30% of respondents had not planned to use new fuels. A high-viscosity index allows for wider operating temperatures and improved low-temperature startup, as well as outstanding corrosion protection.

Three: There are numerous benefits to using a marine lubricant on a boat. Not only does it protect the engine from corrosion, but it can also prevent piston rings from “coking” and reduce compression and power. It’s easy to use on the engine’s electrical components and is especially useful in saltwater environments. In addition, it can prevent the corrosion of many metal parts and components.

Four: Increasingly complex fuels and engines require new types of marine lubricant. Combining new fuels and improved efficiency makes it necessary to use more complex lubricants. For example, Castrol gear oils have a high viscosity index. This allows them to operate at lower temperatures while improving rust and corrosion protection. A lubricant can be used to keep a vessel running.

Five: Using a marine lubricant is essential for your fleet. Unlike mineral oils, synthetic lubricants are specifically designed for marine use. Their high viscosity index ensures that they stay on the oiled surfaces even under extreme conditions. While marine lubricants are best used in marine applications, they are useful for other types of oil, including on cars. If you’re looking for a lubricant for your vessel, Castrol gear oils will suit your needs perfectly.

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