How to Make Your Vehicle Parts Last Longer

How to Make Your Vehicle Parts Last Longer

Taking care of your auto spare parts in Dubai is vital for the long life of your car. Without proper care, the component may break down anytime, causing serious safety risks and a heavy financial burden. In addition, the extra maintenance for these metal pieces is vital when you have a longer loan period. To make your car spare parts last longer, you should follow a few maintenance tips. Here are some of them:

Proper lubrication:

Your car’s engine has many moving parts that require proper lubrication. Lubrication is vital for your car to run smoothly, so you’ll want to lubricate it properly to increase its lifespan. Proper lubrication helps your vehicle’s parts last longer, reducing the chances of major repairs later. There are many different types of lubricants, from liquids to semi-solids.

Regular air-filter changes:

You must regularly change your air filter so that your engine runs more smoothly. This will make your spare parts last longer, but it will also make your vehicle run cleaner. You can easily check for these problems by listening to the car’s engine. If you hear popping, gurgling, or coughing noises coming from your exhaust, it may be time to replace your air filter. If you notice black smoke coming from the tailpipe, it’s time for a replacement.

Get service from a vehicle specialist:

The vibration that occurs while driving can damage several parts of your vehicle. Your constant velocity joints (CV joints) can become damaged, letting dirt and lubrication into the joint. A broken or damaged motor mount can also cause your vehicle to vibrate. You should seek the services of a vehicle specialist to determine if these parts are affected. Vibration is caused by the excessive force exerted by the axles, brake rotors, drums, and wheels.

Oil change:

Generally speaking, you should have your car’s oil changed every three to five thousand miles. However, oil changes can vary depending on your car’s model and driving style. You can also choose synthetic oil, which is made to mimic conventional oil properties, for better performance. Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, but it is made to last longer and remove contaminants more efficiently. It is useful in cold climates and should be changed regularly.

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